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Dear Z♡

Aftermath of watching Yasmine the movie.

My fatty 😘❤️

Its been a while since I post a mirror selfie! Whaddup? #toiletselfie #selfie

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How can my bf not love me? I just bought us this gundam case! I’m using it for my itouch, not exactly a prefect fit but its alright. Just waiting for the boy to come to Brunei and collect his goodies #gundam

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How adorable is this sweetly pie? First cat who actually got fooled 😂 @zulpeas @29lovemehateme @khatysofian @hamizahza.free.palestine

After two hours wait, we finally paid for our gown! #graduationproblem

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Received my kimono cardigan from @shop_at_ninas today and I am loving it! Definitely a must have ♡

I have a beauty spot on my face. Sigh, jerawat poppin’ out.

Spicy rice cakes baby! Nyumssss

With the usual, #gengracing #dontask

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You're the reason for the smile on my face

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