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Dear Z♡

Photos from @fyqaroslan ‘s awesome sony lens. Surprise baby shower for @lilyrahim with @nudgek @mamit_zainuddin and fyqa! A big thanks for the hostess, Ms Fyqa Roslan!

A sucessful baby shower for this mummy to be @lilyrahim . Hope you had fun li. Love you and baby boy mu walaupun kau lock up ia dirumah!

That hairstyle though 😘

Gonna start doing this for august! Repost from @jordentuallyart

Our little muslimah. #azsstories @hamizahza ♡

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Baby adam! @adamshawalno1fan @maisalwa06 @doll37 ♡♡

Finally met this handsome boy! Baby Adam shawl, babeeem. #adamshawal

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Baby elayna. Such a cutie pie, look at that double chin #elmsstories ❤️❤️

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Our Bunga kemboja! #azsstories ❤️

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Using the earring baby gave me! 😘

You're the reason for the smile on my face

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